AMEBO | 17 October 2015 12:35 CET

Nollywood is Trying to Frustrate The Older Ones…Ngozi Nwosu

Since recovering from her health challenges sometime late 2014, all thanks to the Lagos state government who came to the rescue, Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu, seems to have slowed down in the industry with making having the feeling she took a break to recover fully.

Recently, the actress has proven the thought wrong that she took a break but believes that people in the industry just “tend to frustrate the older ones and that is why.”

She stated that with the way things have been playing out in the industry, which has pushed many to delve into other businesses.

Speaking with Newtelegraph, the actress said, “If you take a look at some of the movies, a lot of people had veered into a lot of things, but some of us who are strong are still there.”

Ngozi noted that as far as she is still breathing, she will continue to focus her attention on acting till her “last breath” rather than delving into any other form of business.

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