City Flame | 31 March 2018 19:47 CET

Nigerians React to Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo’s Choice of Political Party

Some Nigerians that are familiar with Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, are currently not happy with the actor after he made his intentions known about being the governor of Enugu state.

The actor recently released his poster indicating his interest in the powerful seat of Enugu but some of his people and teaming fans are against the political party he chose to run under.

Kenneth is running under the platform of the All progressive Congress (APC) which many Nigerians are already trying to kick out of power.

Read some comments by his aggrieved fans below;
solomon.santchuks : U for win but has u join APC u no go win becos APC done fanck naija pole up with lies n kill so my broda go out from apc

brooksfallhomes : I love this guy courage... but wrong platform. Pls go join ANN PARTY NOW!!!

chisomrazzy : Good man in the wrong party
dude_of_york : Right energy, wrong direction.
girlie_inn : Apc ke? Why that party naah?
obaytim : No more Apc in Biafra land
pitanimation : APC is synonymous to fraud. Anytime I hear APC what comes to mind is lie lie, blaming blaming,

mc_blg1 : APC ??? Your dreaming ... Dont worry you have failed and you will fail again .... No need .... APC ? Chai u done fall my hand .... So all this like wey we like u for movie na so u wan take spoil am by ur own self ....

mc_blg1 : Jesus can never say yes to u in APC
ladylove7879 : Pls I urged everyone to vote for this man. His face is an epitome of wisdom and kindness. I live in the US, so I can’t vote and again I am not a Nigerian

zainasricky : I can't see the possibility in Enugu state. Wrong timing, wrong party. Unseating the incumbent whose party is too popular with a heavy grassroot force.

somysoso : Na APC ? Mba nu

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