City Flame | 25 March 2018 16:14 CET

Nollywood’s Benefactor, Apesinola Oyalami Dies of Heart Attack in Dallas

One of Nollywood’s philanthropist, Apesinola Oyalami, is dead as some celebrities who were farmiliar with him have begun pouring encomiums about his kindness to the industry.

The late Apesinola was said to have had a heart attack in the car after singer, Paso's show in Dallas, as he was pronounced dead.

The sad news was shared by Yoruba actress, Mistura Asunramu who shred some insight about his personality while he was alive.

According to the actress, “OMG, We lost a Rare Gem.We all saw u at d event yesterday only to find u dead afterwards. He’s a great supporter of Entertainment. He supports all our Nollywood Artists when they are around.. During d short period we know you, You left a great Landmark that we wld never forget. Every1 is saying Great things about you. You made a great Impact during d Barrybration by honouring us with Chieftancy title 1st time in Usa.. Because of your Idea I am named YeyeAmuludun1.. You will never be forgotten..You will forver remain in our heart. We love u but God loves u more. Who are we to Question the Almighty God..kabiesi Eledumare..I pray that your family have d strength to bear dis Loss. We will miss you. May God forgive you. Continue to Rest in Peace Apesinola Oyalami.”

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