Sightings | 16 March 2018 10:14 CET

Actress, Queen Nwokoye Angry Over Fake Nollywood ‘Wakanda’ Poster

Graphic artists in Nigeria can do anything with photos just to get either noticed or just for fun but not every celebrity can stand some of the things they do with their pictures.

Nollywood actress, Queen Nwokoye, is currently not happy with some of these graphic artists for making a poster of the much talked about movie ‘Wakanda,’ where her picture and that of Ebelle Okaro and Eve Esin were used.

The actress who was not surprised by the act stated that she already saw it coming but sees it as rubbish rather than being creative as she will never take part in such rubbish.

According to her, “I am very sure that whoever made this rubbish think it's funny but it’s not. You guys can do anything for likes and comments but pls leave me out of it biko.”

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