Music News | 12 March 2018 10:30 CET

I Don’t Like Dressing in Flashy Outfits…Singer, Johnny Drille

Mavin records signee, Johnny Drille, is gradually getting a strong stay in the fast growing Nigerian music industry that has seen great talents born virtually each day.

The singer’s sound which is country music, might not be accepted by the general public but the few that are in love with such sound are sure appreciating him the little way they can.

Johnny Drille has not allowed the low acceptance of his kind of music to affect his career as he keeps pushing hard and having some collaborations.

Recently speaking about his music, the singer explained that he tried to find his place in the saturated industry and he has no plans of changing his career because he knows what he wants.

Sharing his experience on coming out with a different sound from the regular ‘pun pun,’ beats we used to hear, he said, “I tried to find my place in a very pop saturated industry. The industry was kind to me. There was no pleasure really. I knew what I wanted and wasn’t going to change for anything.”

He further stated that “It’s a very saturated music industry here. I had to find my own spot to stand out and get noticed easier.”

On his dressing style, the singer explained that he does not like wearing flashy outfits as he is cool the way he dresses. “Well, flashy is not just me. I like simple things.”

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