Nollywood At Large | 7 November 2017 11:31 CET

Actor, Yul Edochie Signs Pact with Anambra Women

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, is not leaving any stone unturned as he is ensuring that he wins the heart of those at the grassroots ahead of the governorship election coming up in Anambra state.

The actor is not ready to spray money on the road like some politicians will gladly do instead, he has been taking his campaign door to door ensuring the people of their safety and his government ability to listen and provide to the people what they truly deserve.

Proving how much his government is ready to work with everyone including the women, he and his party decided to sign a pact with the women in Awgbu Village, Anambra, promising them of great presence of women in his administration.

According to the actor who is running under the umbrella of the Democratic People’s Congress, “In Awgbu village yesterday, where we signed a pact with the women to have great presence of women in our administration, support their businesses, support education for them and access to good and affordable healthcare. Ndi Anambra, with me be assured of good governance. It’s all about the people. Join the movement. Join the revolution. We can’t keep complaining about the same old politicians yet we do nothing about it. VOTE THEM OUT!! KEEP THEM OUT!!! November 18th, 2017 Vote DPC.”

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