Sightings | 18 September 2017 06:02 CET

Actress, Diana Neife Loses 10k to Online Store Fraudsters

Nollywood actress, Diana Neife, has just fallen into the corporate arms of fraudster as she was recently scammed of the sum of N10,000.

The actress had decided to patronize a fast growing online fashion store @beryl_clothier but never understood their mood of operations.

She had already made order for her goods and had the money transferred and expecting delivery which never arrived.

When she tried contacting the fashion store online, she got blocked in the process which has made her call her friends to be weary of the store so as not to fall prey.

According to her, “SCAM ALERT SCAM ALERT SCAM ALART. Please fam be careful of this page that sells cloth @beryl_clothier ..they are fraud. I paid them 10k for a grown but dey blocked me after they received the money please resend so your friends and family won’t fall victims.”

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