Celebrity | 23 July 2017 12:55 CET

Finally, Actor, Emeka Ike Set to Return to Movie Location, Apologies to Fans

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has been missing from the big screen for a long time and many wonder what the problem could possibly be.

Although one cannot be seen all the time as there is space for other’s to grow while the popular ones help in grooming them to fit into the industry.

Well, for Emeka, he has been making plans to stage a strong comeback and that he has achieved as he will be heading for location anytime soon.

He recently explained to a fan from Kenya that he is guilty as he has denied many the opportunity of watching true movies as he is back to revive the spirit of Nollywood.

According to him, “for u and all my unflinching FANS, l have decided to make just a few more movies. I feel so guilty and heartless denying u, me. You have all put me on my toes once again and here l come. I’m going back on set to revive the spirit of NOLLYWOOD, once again.... watch out for my location posts next week and subsequently, the movies. I love y'all.”

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