Nollywood At Large | 27 June 2017 10:23 CET

Walk out of Your Marriage if you can’t cope…Actress, Mercy Aigbe Warns

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, is really bitter about the high rate of domestic violence in the country which she is also a victim of.

The actress got angry after she got a picture of a woman from a human rights lawyer, Emeka Uguwonye, who was seriously bitten by her husband.

Mercy warned that any body that feels the relationship is not working out fine rather than stay and die, the fellow should walk out of the union.

She stressed that no matter what a woman will do to provoke the animal in her man, he has no right to raise a hand on her.

“According to Human Rights Activist lawyer Emeka Uguwonye. This woman was battered by her husband! How long are we going to condone this inhumane act for? Some very shallow and evil minded fellows will say she must have done something to provoke the man!. For Christ Sake, if you are provoked can't you control yourself? Instead of killing your partner or rendering the person disabled! If you feel your partner provokes you to the extent of bringing out that animal in you please do yourself a favour by walking out of that marriage! ...... We should learn to control our anger as violence doesn't solve anything...... If you know you have anger management problems, please get professional help! Battery and Assault is a crime punishable under the law!” she wrote.

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