Behind the scene | 23 January 2017 09:49 CET

Some Nigerian Actors Sleep too much, demand for Higher Pay

Nollywood actress, Kenny George, is out with a new movie titled, ‘ENI OMO SIN,’ which she says she was motivated to make the movie due to way some actors treat producers while on set.

The actress disclosed that some celebs feel they are the boss as the make various expensive demands from the producer who are the ones making them who they are.

Kenny explained that Nigerian celebs earn more than the crew members who do all the work and share hotels together but the celebs will want special room for themselves and feeding allowances throughout their shoot.

She further disclosed that people complain that Nollywood movies end abruptly without a good conclusion but not knowing that something went wrong and may have made an actor quit his role which made the movie end the way it did.

Read her explanation below;
‘ENI OMO SIN’ tells the pain of producers in our industry, the way our crew are been treated, some of our celebrities forget that without this producers or crew members you won't be known or heard.

Crew members wake up early before the celebrities, they sleep late after the celebrities are on bed snoring, this days they get just few rooms for 15 Crew members and one standard room each for the celebrities, They stay on set from day one till the last day their food money is way lower to the celebrities and their fee are way lower to the celebrities on set, sometimes some crew members goes back home without been paid, because the producer can no longer raise fund just because some of our so called celebrities have charged higher and waste the filming time, four days shoots turns to six days shoots because of their nonchalant attitude, you can't imagine how we beg some celebrities to finish the scenes they are paid for, they come late and want to leave your set as early as possible, not even considering your time and investment as long as they have been paid, so they don't care if your scenes or movie breaks or not complete.

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