Foreign | 8 November 2016 15:51 CET

Christians Enjoy Prophesies more Than Having Their own Prayers… John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, might just be working in line with God’s works if he is ready to dedicate himself to the ministry as he has been up and doing with dishing out advices to his fans.

This time, the actor has come out to say one of the most important thing some Christians continue to run after as he pointed out that some Christians depend on prophesy than going to God in prayers.

He stated that Christians look for miracles from one pastor to one church looking for answers forgetting that the said prophesies can only manifest if the person involved also go into prayers to seek God’s face for it to take place.

“A lot of people are looking for miracles…they hop from one pastor and one church to another looking for answers. Don’t get me wrong, men of God are there to guide you, help you grow spiritually and mentally. But sometimes the answers we are looking for are right beside us….when you pray to God He reveals.

“When you pray to God He answers. Some people want men of God to prophesy to them before their lives can change. A prophesy will only come to life if and only if you work at it. Don’t just listen to prophecies and think it will automatically happen. You need to work hard! You need to pray hard, spend time with God, talk to Him , listen to Him and your life will be directed accordingly….your miracle is waiting to happen! Receive it!” he warned.

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