Celebrity | 2 November 2016 06:30 CET

No Church Can Cancel My Wedding…Iyanya Brags

Singer, Iyanya Mbuk, recently turned 30 and despite the fact that he was being celebrated by many, the singer still feels that not having a wife at his age is a bit of an issue.

The singer while speaking with Net, explained that women are carried away with what they see and getting married now will become and issue because he will not know the lady the truly loves him and not his wealth.

He pointed out that not all ladies are wife material either she was picked from the church or she is a dancer because they are bound to give a man trouble.

In his words, “It’s hard to get a girl. If you say you want a girl from the church, you’ll carry devil, if you say you want a dancer, you’ll carry trouble.

“I’m just trying to be patient and take my time and it’s even harder now that I’m famous because it’s really hard to find someone that truly cares for you when you are famous.

Iyanya blamed himself that his mother had always disturbed to settle down back then when she was alive but he never understood what she was saying until now.

He stressed that even at his age, it’s still not an issue as the Bible never gave a strict age for one to get married but noted that what he is after for now is about getting his music right then other things will follow.

“I think this is one of the things I regret, I should have married someone way back when my mum was still alive. Back then my mum was always on my neck to settle down and at the time I always wondered why but now I see it. I’m not giving up though; I just want to make sure I get this music right.

“I’m 30 and I’ve not seen in the bible or any church that’ll say I can’t come to church because I’m 30 and not married,” he stated.

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