Nollywood Affairs | 1 October 2016 19:28 CET

Kunle Afod, Yewande Adekoya Banned From Movie Making


The Yoruba Video Film Producers/Marketers Association Of Nigeria (YOVIFOMAN) has banned popular Nollywood movie practitioners, Kunle Afod and Yewande Adekoya.

The duo were banned over alleged unethical practices of the actors whom have been warned several times before disciplinary measure took place.

In recent time, the association's role as a watchman in the industry became complex at the advent of technology enhanced medium of distribution on the internet and other media. Therefore, YOVIFPMAN has now noted with dismay that the emergence of stakeholders whom it acknowledged as practitioners in the industry but operating in areas where they are not assigned would be punishable.

Due to the fact that some thespians have boycotted the association, screening of contents in other to edit scenes not appropriate for the public views has been less effective.

This had prompted the association to take such decision which would serve as a lesson to others violating the code of conduct of the association.

Relating to their ban, the actors would not be able to make movies, feature in movies or have any associates with actors, editors, crew members.

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