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13 Ways You Are Ruining Your Body


The spine is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. One small movement in the wrong direction or many years spent slouching over a computer can affect your spine for years to come. And one small vertebra shifting out of place can cause more excruciating pain than you would initially think.

What is the cause of so many people suffering from back pain? Well, there may be some everyday decisions you are making that are setting you up for a massive dose of back pain in later years.

1. Stiletto heels
High heels make anyone feel like a princess, but you won’t have the posture of a princess when you are doubled over in pain. Stilettos force you to distribute your weight unevenly, which can put extra strain on those lumbar muscles. If you can’t bring yourself to abandon your beloved heels, wear them sparingly and trade off with shoes that fit and support your back.

2. An aged mattress
You would be horrified if you knew exactly how your outdated mattress is damaging your back. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an ideal mattress only lasts 9-10 years. But if you are not sleeping well or your back is continuously pulsing throughout the night, it might time to think about replacing your mattress a few years earlier.

3. A heavy tote
If you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag, you may want to take a moment and reconsider if you need absolutely everything you have packed in there. Heavy bags can hinder your good posture and enhance your back pain.

4. Not enough veggies
Most people have all heard the same thing from multiple doctors and professionals: Eating healthy foods promotes heart health, maintains your weight and keeps you energized. But did you know eating healthy can prevent back problems in your future? Clogged arteries can prevent healthy circulation, which, in turn, affects your spine’s ability to absorb nutrients. Lacking nutrients makes for inflammation, which feels terrible no matter where it appears.

5. Getting little exercise
Though you may feel completely at ease being a couch potato, you won’t in the years to come. The more exercise you get, the less chance you have of developing chronic back pain.

6. Stress
The fact that stress affects your back is a no-brainer. Your entire body is tense during prolonged periods of stress. According to WebMD, stress and back pain are in a vicious circle. Having back pain can stress you out, thus making your pain even more prolonged or more severe.

7. A desk job
Hunching over a computer at work might feel better than sitting up straight, but you won’t think so in the long run. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for anyone, has some quick and easy tips on sitting correctly to prevent future back problems and injuries.

8. Ignoring the pain
Powering through your pain each day will backfire on your spinal health. Your back pain may progressively grow worse if you continue to ignore its prompting for professional help. It is highly unlikely for back injuries to resolve themselves. In order to prevent further injury, take care of yourself and see a specialist for options abouttreating your back pain.

9. Lifting incorrectly
If your job requires heavy lifting, or you are preparing for an upcoming move, take the time to research and remember proper lifting techniques to avoid injuring yourself.

10. Extra weight on your waist
Unfortunately, that extra padding on your waist is actually not cushioning your spine at all. Bearing excess pounds can put a lot of strain on your back each day.

11. Biking to work
Though riding your bike is a great form of exercise, many adults do not have their bikes set to their unique body shape. Bikers are often hunched over for long periods of time.

12. A long commute
Spending an ample amount of time driving to work each day or lugging your children to and from school can push your back to its limits. Prevention recommends sitting at a 90-degree angle while driving to limit the amount of strain on your back.

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