Nollywood Media | 28 September 2016 14:32 CET

Why I Burnt Myself On Movie Set -Actor Ani Iyoho


Only few people are familiar with the name Ani Iyoho, until recently when he was in the news following a fire incident on the set of “Behind the Wheels.”

In a recent interview, the actor spoke about his decision to become a stuntman. “I guess it’s the crave for excitement,” said Iyoho.

Stanlee Ohikhuare sets Ani Iyoho ablaze for stunt
“We don’t have things like skydiving here in Nigeria. I guess I needed something to help me pump my adrenaline.Mostly in Nollywood, we are used to shooting drama. Rarely do we see action sequences, and I just wanted something a little bit more.”

Iyoho also spoke on his reaction when he discovered the director of the movie “Behind the Wheel,” Stanlee Ohikhuare, had shared a fire stunt scene from movie, on social media.

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