Odd News | 17 June 2016 11:30 CET

Nigerian Policemen Take Carnal Knowledge of us Without Using Protection

Professional prostitutes in Nigeria under the Ohotu Diamond Women Initiative (ODWI) have lamented about their suffering in the hands of randy Nigerian policemen.

According to the group, the policemen take them for a jolly good ride and give them arrest threats instead of money for their services.

They lamented that the police rather than protect them, they turn around to exploit and abuse them by breaking their doors to pick them like goats.

A statement released by ODWI on Wednesday 15th June 2016 read: "Sex workers deserve the basic respect and protection from violence that each nation owes its citizens. But in many settings, police abuse of sex workers receives scant public attention despite its entrenched global reality.

"Many of us face violence and discrimination on a regular basis. Regardless of which state or tribe we are from, many of us have experienced being raped, verbally, emotionally and physically abused by police, clients and community members.

"There is an unfair discrimination from service providers. Sex workers are not protected or defended by the law when they are exploited and abused. We demand that these violations stop immediately and decisive action taken against perpetrators.

"Time without number, the policemen break our doors to start packing us like goats to the station. If you don't have money to bail yourself, they will say they want to sleep with you unprotected which is very bad. As a woman in the brothel, we protect ourselves, we use condoms, but with the policemen, you don't have a say."

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