Celebrity | 9 June 2016 14:30 CET

Paul Okoye’s Female Artist, Lucy Goes for Interview without Br@

Paul Okoye of the P-Square fame, has been kind of silent for a while now but he is sure busy in the studio with his new signees, Munosings and Lucy.

Fans have been wondering why Paul signed Lucy to his label as she has not been heard rendering any form of sound on her social media pages but some have suggested that probably because she looks like Rihanna, that is why she was signed.

Well, as you know, Rihanna, does not like stepping out with undies as she likes feeling free and allowing cool breeze penetrate the important parts of her body, same is now applicable to Lucy.

The singer along with Munosings were guests for a radio interview and she was seen not having her bra on while stylishly flashing her assets to cameras.

Looking at her, she is indeed sexy which will sure sell her music but how far can she go because sexy does not push the songs into the hands of the various media across the country for airplay.

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