Meet Nollywood Stars | 3 June 2016 17:30 CET

I Once wrestled with God- Victoria Inyama


Some of us must have forgotten about Victoria Inyama, a former Nollywood actress. The lady who is married to Ben Okri and lives abroad with her family has taken us through a memory lane during some of her most difficult moments in life. The last time we saw her was during a movie premiere in London in 2015

She narrates “Amazing how I can look cool during one of d most turbulent periods in my life? I actually cut my hair to herald a new phase of my life. June 2014. When tribulation pours, I had cried all night and woke up d next day, powdered my face, shoulders held up high, I took my selfie.”

She added “Truth is, All fall down but Don't stay down, weep then wipe your eyes and thank God for makeup. Face beat and whooooooshhhhh. Mind who you tell your problems to…What I do?? I dress down, knell down, groan, speak in tongues, cry, talk, I wrestle with my maker, because he Alone knows. Weeping may endure at night but We Rise and up up up in d morning. Try Never to wear the problems. Have Faith in God. Believe in his Promises. Hope and Pray. We have a God who Never fails. Good."

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