Relationships | 31 May 2016 11:15 CET

EME records Boss, Banky W sets to marry soon?

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Banky W has been in the news recently, over marriage related issues. The singer once said he was going to take few years break to settle down, but he never mentioned if a bride was ready.

Fans have been bombarding him to get married and stop appearing as a grooms man or best man at friend's weddings.

A concerned fan, who have been nurturing some emotions for the singer took to his page to write an open letter to him.

Well, one would say it takes a lot of guts to do a thing like this, admitting you feelings publicly are quite hard most times.

She wrote: “I have a feeling you are dating someone under the radar, if you aren't dating right now then I'll be forced to start worrying about you. I'm tired of seeing you being the best man/grooms man at your friend's wedding. You are talented, successful, fine and a Christian brother, are you still waiting for a celebrity girlfriend/ will you not follow the footsteps of your buddy, Nobble Igwe, and pick a hardworking, beautiful civilian and live happily and peacefully after? I heard your sister is in town for the first time, has she come to pick a wife for you? Tell her to whole up, slide into my dm quickly before it's too late. I will consider you if you treat me like a gentle man your snaps show you to be.”

After this article penned down by his admirer, the artiste responded “Lol, well then.” Is Banky W going to give her a shot?

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