Relationships | 18 October 2016 13:41 CET

5 Reasons A Wife Falls in Love With Another Man


These are the main reasons a wife falls in love with another man, and, in turn, how to prevent such a disaster from happening:

1. Lack of romance
A bouquet of flowers just because, a note on the refrigerator, a phone call at noon to tell her how much you appreciate her: women notice those gestures, because they mean the world to them. Don’t neglect intimacy. You don’t need to go to extremes, because your wife will appreciate the simple things.

2. Neglect
If your job is demanding and stressful, you should remember that caring for a child who needs attention every minute of the day can be overbearing as well. Learn to leave your worries, stress and anger at the door. Your wife needs you to be positive and eager to help when you’re home.

3. Loneliness
Most women like to talk, so if you do not spend at least five minutes everyday listening to her, she’ll likely stop opening up. Her daily demands and your lack of attention may leave her feeling devastatingly lonely. If you travel continuously for work, learn to indulge in the little things for her to make your long distance relationship fun and romantic.

4. Anger
Being on the receiving end of a lost temper is never fun, and if she finds herself in that situation frequently, she’ll likely look for a more gentle relationship. Learn to control your anger. If you’re upset with your wife, wait until you calm down to clarify the situation. When you make a mistake in your relationship, don’t place the blame on your wife. Have the courage to apologize.

5. Lack of support
If you want an independent woman who has a social life outside the home, she needs your support to do so. She won’t leave your children if you aren’t willing to watch them for her. Encourage her to pursue her interests. If she wants to return to school or work, she needs your full support to follow through on those decisions.

Look around. If your spouse is lonely, frustrated or depressed, you need to do your best to show her how much you love her. Good wives give their lives for their families; every day, every minute. If you want a lifelong relationship with your wife, you must learn to listen and to show you love her.

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