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I actually had a couple death threats- Saeon Reveals her greatest Fears

Source: Nollywoodgists.com

Do you still remember Saeon Moruda? She has been on the news for a lot of reasons. There was a time she was alleged to be in a relationship with Uti Nwachukwu. However, it was the song she did with Wizkid, 'Boogie Down' that brought her out to the limelight the more.

We can remember that she and Wizkid had fought it out on the pages of newspapers and the social media then because of their misunderstanding.

What most of us are not aware of is that Saeon has been at her game for a long time. She has narrated what it took her to become the lady she is today.

“I actually had a couple death threats and tonnes of negative comments sent my way. I pretty much was on my own. No one had my back. Not in public. I remember getting just 2 phone calls from a couple of people I considered as friends but majority didn't say a word.” She said

“It wasn't like they were obliged to but it would have at least encouraged me. It was as though the entire industry was against me. It was one of the hardest experiences I've ever faced.The controversy never started out as a publicity stunt but happened to take place just before I released my first body of work, 'I Am SAEON – The EP', which was supposed to showcase my R'n'B strengths. Instead, it drowned in the controversy. To make things worse I had no support from the label as they held off completely from promoting me barely 5 months after signing me.”

When things got worse, she decided to quit “I told my family I didn't wanna do music anymore. I joined Jobberman and various job seeking sites. It would have been weird to do a 9-5, not that I couldn't, I just didn't want to have to keep explaining myself just in case people recognised my face from being in the news. I started looking for schools. I wanted to leave the country. I wanted to get out the industry that had taken all of me and not given anything in return but a bad reputation. I was done.”

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