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Revealed! Why These A-List Celebrities Are Missing Mega Endorsements


They're not just popular, known fashionistas, beautiful, good looking, command so much respect amongst teeming fans and are no doubt worthy of being identified with, in the highest business hierarchy but these notable faces who have paid dues through dint of hardwork and resilience in their chosen career seem to be missing out on mega endorsements. There are even insinuations that, most of them have been so expectant looking forward to getting into the list, year after year, and to the extent that, few, we were told have fallen victims variously by investing body and soul, or otherwise.

It is not as if they've been losing out on all fronts though, some have been endorsed, having to get paid with something not commensurate with their contemporaries; what industry watchers consider a mega deal is the opportunity to get big brands' ambassadorial endorsements which bequeath on them fatter remuneration and catapulting their status to the next level. National Enquirer's Jite Usman looks at these A-list female celebrities who're still eyeing mega endorsements from multinational corporations like the oil and gas, banking and communications firms such as Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, MTN, Amstel and so on.

Mercy Johnson Okojie

By all standard, Mercy Johnson is one of Nigeria's best actresses fabulously blessed with a spectacular acting prowess but the sexy and good looking thespian who's nursing her third child has been so unlucky getting into the list of mega brands as ambassador but National Enquirer's checks revealed that, big brands are actually dying to get her hooked-on but her matrimonial style of getting pregnant every year must be a major reason the actress is still missing in action. There's no doubt that, once the actress get her priority right by firming up her family front, endorsement is just by the corner for her.

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill

Very talented, daring and beautiful for any brand manager to pen down for a mega deal because she's sure a lovable personality whose public appearance can give value to any products but the gist making the rounds about this Igbo born actress is her involvement in various controversies as no corporate firm is ready to stake its product on a weird figure. Tonto who has just been blessed with a bouncing baby boy is by far a controversy adventurer with excessively weird lifestyle.

Mercy build-Gentry

This style personified fashionista is inching towards breaking all time industry records as Mercy has so stepped up her game that, she's the actress to beat in almost every facets of being address as a superduper slayer. Of late, the Edo State born beautiful mother of two lovely kids, Mitchel and Juwon has been the toast of many brands and she's been smiling to the banks as ambassadors to few companies while enjoying what she does for a living, acting including managing her flourishing business chains-MagDivas Group. Checks by this office have it, that, her mega endorsement deal is long over due, infact, she was on the brink of being contacted by a multinational telecommunications firm when the news of some of her other endorsements rented the air. We gathered reliably that, there's no way she can miss out on the next fiscal calendar if she doesn't derail.

Stephanie Okereke Linus

This is another notably likeable actress whose name has been missing in the mega ambassadorial list. Stephainie Linus who just delivered her first child is one of Nigeria's best, in terms of clean records, and scandal free life. She's so quiet, humble and humane that industry pundits find it impossible to compromise her hard earned reputation for anything but checks however revealed that, Stephanie suddenly withdrew into a mooted-shell just by the time brands were beginning to appreciate her immense contributions and impressive track records in the indstry and above all, she's said to have also adopted an introverted lifestyle the moment she got married. Hope is definitely not lost on her side because the actress is one of Nigeria's reliable brands' personalities.

Chika Ike

She's very big and appears to be any brand's delight anyday; though, Chika is doing fine and she's said to have cornered one or two juicy deals with her networth of connections, she's still missing the opportunity of being among A-listers as well as mega endorsement is concerned. Chika's unlucky stance might not be unconnected with alleged few scandals most especially the unpalatable story of her broken marriage. Hopes are not lost for the actress who's known to be multiplying in leaps and bounds, all on her own.

Nwagbo glory

This sweet and sexy actress is also one of the notable faces missing in the brands' endorsement list. Quite blessed with an alluring face and super sexy figure that could attract mega endorsement but sources are of the opinion that, its not all that glitters are gold, consistency and visibility are the banes of success; the actress, pundits say will have to dwell more on professional stability and constant public appearance to expose her real value and sellable catchments instead of the winking in the dark syndrome she seems to be adopting. She is a promising brand waiting to explode.

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Bimbo Akintola

She's another big personality worthy of being capped as brand ambassador. As a matter of professionalism and rudimentary assessment in the industry, Bimbo Akintola is arguably one of the most qualified actresses owing to her rich understanding of theatrical ethics and educational background as a graduate of Theatre Arts.

Stella Damasus

Stylish, elegant and artistically industrious, Stella Damasus is one of the promising brand ambassadors that never be. Maybe the drop dead beauty would have had her way by now had she not relocate to the US with lover boy where they're items in the broadcast industry but then, her controversial character is one impediment that would have becloud her chances.


Oge is one of Nollywood's fulfilled make believe personalities who has been in the industry for a while. The actress was so sizzling hot and moving up at a time, but unfortunately, there was no value for professional artistes as such during those era when it seemed she was the best to happen to that industry until law of diminishing returns set in. The likes of Oge still have chances because she was able to manage one or two controversies that would have stood in her way but she's good to go as endorsements beckon.


Nse is one of the very few Nigerian actresses who will go to any lenght to make that script a convincing make-believe project, and there's no reason why her name must be missing in the list but there are different yardsticks for brands' consideration according to inside sources. The actress is a good and ''stake-able'' material that could lift up any brand but hers might not be unconnected to her new status as a married woman because sometimes, these brand managers prefer single women who can easily mingle for brand's positioning. But that notwithstanding, endorsement deal is knocking on her door very soon.

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