General News | 22 March 2016 20:23 CET

Weird MC Reveals Last Message with Normoloss

Singer, Weird MC, has still in shock about the sad news of her friend, Normoloss, as she revealed that they both had a chat while he was in the hospital and he promised to be out by weekend.

Weird MC described the late singer as a true friend and a brother who understood what closeness was all about but never knew it will end in such a way.

According to her, “Muyiwa words fail me I'm reeling in disbelief. We spoke just a few days ago you said "mama don't worry I'd be out and about by the weekend" we even traded text messages. Friend, brother, confidant, a pillar of strength. I'm going to miss our convos your laughter your jokes, your smile. You were one in a million a true soul a thorough bred. Thanks for being real thanks for true friendship I guess heaven was missing an angel sail on my dear friend fly like an eagle rest well. I will miss you so much orun ire o orun ire o orun ire o. I'm sure I will share more words but for now, May God comfort your.”

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