Headlines | 15 January 2016 14:10 CET

K1 Angry After He Was Asked to Pay N1 Million for Child’s School Fees

It's a new year and new beginning for many students as school resumes for new term and lectures but what most parents are scared of is the rise in their wards tuition fee which some have either began borrowing to pay or some have decided to change the school to an affordable one.

One person who is not comfortable with what is going on in some schools is singer, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal better known as K1 De Ultimate, after his three year old daughter was charged the sum of N1 Million as school fees.

The singer's daughter who will be three years old by February, was charged the huge amount as school in one of the private school she is being enrolled in and the singer is having serious issue with such an amount.

According to Goldmynetv, K1 while chatting with some friends about the extraneous bill, “How can a three year old be given a school fee of N1million, just because you want the child to have an early foundation? If this is applicable in other countries, then there is problem in the world, because nobody will have access to good education.

“We will take this up with the federal government. This is total denial to good education for citizens. No public school is functioning; the National Assembly should be called to order to make pronouncements that says all private schools should be banned. They are talking about corruption but corruption starts from the grassroots and if you do not stop this nonsense then corruption will continue. How can somebody being paid N2 million per annum afford to send children to school? That's nonsense, you are earning N2 million per annum and you have two kids, how do you get them to good school? How do you pay for your living? I'm going to take it up, I am going to make a serious touch on education and the leadership.”

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