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Evangelist Ebenezer Obey on Leaving His Music Career to Serve God and More.

Source: Nollywoodgists.com

"God's call cannot be resisted. God called me after being a successful musician. I have taken my music to the four corners of the world and God now called me into the ministry. I heeded the call and here I am today. I knew everything about me came from God. The success I recorded as a musician also came from God When God spoke to me, I wondered if I could be able to embark on the journey. But when the Holy Spirit speaks, it speaks the right words."

On what has changed about him 21 years after becoming a servant of God: Several things have changed about me. I noticed that before I came into the ministry, the life of a celebrity was still in me. But by the time I came into the ministry, I started weighing a lot of things because not everything is acceptable to God. If you want to follow God's way, you must be prepared to do away with certain things.

On if he believe that Fatai Rolling Dollar's name desire to be immortalized: There are so many things that can be done to immortalise him. One, to remember him for the good things that he did while he lived, to remember him for the records he released, and to realise that by his death, the Nigerian music industry has lost a great musician. Nothing can be too much in trying to immortalise him.

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