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Gossips, Backbiting, Backstabbing Tried To Separate This Beautiful And Dynamic Actress

Source: Akinbolajo Sola/

We can call them beautiful and dynamic people who have been long in their friendship especially when one takes a look at the closeness and breakups of some friendships seen in the Yoruba movie industry, one is left with no choice but to give the likes of Dayo Amusa, Iyabo Ojo, Liz da Silva, the number one position as best buddies.

The most famous Iyabo ojo a mother of two, is always an act to watchout for any day any time as she has this precious dexterity of delivering her scripts in a captivating way.

Dayo Amusa, the beautiful plump looking actress is so talented and set a pace for herself by financing a big budget English movie last year, 2014 and very controversial among them.

Liz da Silva, the most pretty chocolate complexion lady looks so calm and unassuming in nature but great talents in her script interpretation.

For these three dynamic characters, they can still hold the sweet and sometimes gory moment of their friendship life among their pairs. The three have weather many storms together in the past. There are pockets of gossips, backbiting and backstabbing from external bodies who have tried to separate them, but they made it through. Like the popular saying, “they don jump am pass.”

They have always been together like bees, sweetly dressed in aso-ebi to many events, they are fond of rallying around each other to encourage and support each other and this action has drawn many in the Yoruba movie industry to their blossom.

They were also spotted at Iyabo Ojo's 38th birthday at the presentation of foods and clothing at the Bab Salam at GRA ikeja, Lagos. All we can see is three beauties; well wisher's and close colleagues. My sisters please keep it up, I am a fan of your friendship.

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