Touch Of Thoughts | 5 December 2015 15:31 CET

I Don’t Support Couples Working Same Hours…Clarion Chukwurah

Nollywood actress, Clarion Chukwurah, has seen life to the fullest and can be identified as one celebrity whom one can walk up to for advice.

Having faced lots of life challenges and rise to stardom, the actress in chat with newsmen recently disclosed that the challenges most union face these days is as a result of lovers not being able to strike a balance with their job and the family.

The actress stated that parents are so engrossed with their job that they hardly have time to monitor the activities of their children and this paves way unhealthy activities.

She expressed that she does not support both parents working the same hours as one person needs to be home to care for the home front.

In her words, “It is about time management which is very important in this context. However, I don't support both parents working the same hours. This is affecting our society, it is highly responsible for how our things are going. We are imbibing a lot of negativity from the Western world. When children are left with little or no attention, they engage in online activities, entertainment that's not properly censored and a host of other things that may corrupt their minds. I suggest both parents should work on how to manage their time to strike the balance.”

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