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Destiny Amaka Plans Birthday With Kids With Cancer

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actress and Cool FM OAP, Destiny Amaka, will be at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) alongside her friends on Tuesday, December 1, 2105, to celebrate her birthday with children battling cancer.

The curvy diva said thousands of children across Africa die yearly from cancers, which can be prevented if detected early. She also explained that most children diagnosed of cancer do not have the financial power to get quality treatments.

In a brief chat with Nollywoodgists.com, Destiny Amaka said every year, she does something charitable and extra-ordinary to mark her day.

"This year, I was supposed to do something in Ibadan for the crippled, elderly and less-privileged, but the project didn't fly through. I was really depressed about that until I met someone who encouraged me to still try do something else as the year is fast coming to an end.

"He actually told me about LUTH and their youth/children department. As soon he said that, I just connected to it and bought the idea.

"I went to LUTH the next day and met kids with cancer and it really touched my heart. I have looked for a way to help cancer patients, not that any of my friends and family members have been affected, so I give thanks to God.

"Cancer is really an unfortunate thing that singles people out; black or white, fat or thin.

"When I saw those kids, it was so devastated, some parents sell their lands, properties and even forfeit the school fees of other children to take care of the chemotherapy for their cancer affected children.

"Children are supposed to be happy, joyful, playing and have the best memories of their life. They shouldn't be bed-ridden. It is such a heart-breaking sight to see these children suffer.

"So, it is important that we raise awareness for early detection of cancer in children. I think a lot is being done for adults but the children are somehow neglected and their numbers are increasing day by day. They can be saved and helped.

"I have registered the Destiny Amaka Give Back Foundation which would focus of the children living with cancer across Africa," she hinted.

Last year, the radio big girl celebrated her birthday at the Lilygate Hotel, Lekki, Lagos and stars like Alibaba, Yaw, IK Ogbonna, Uti Nwachukwu, Rukky Sanda, JJC, Funny Bone and some others graced the occasion.

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