Nollywood Glamour | 30 November 2015 21:29 CET

Gloria Johnson Gets Another Jeep After Auto Accident

Nollywood actress, Gloria Ofunim, popularly known as Gloria Johnson, who was involved in an auto crash some months back, has described her ordeal as a blessing in disguise.

The actress, who was bedridden for months, stated that she is very grateful to God for having another chance to live.

“One of my most blessed and favourite years is 2015. I'm grateful to Almighty God who gave me a second chance to live and made me to appreciate life more,” she said.

The actress explained how the unfortunate incident turned out to be a blessing to her.

She told The Nation that, “God has a reason for everything that happens to you. Trust me, there's a reason He turns things around for good. 'I'm talking from experience. Look at me today; I got another Toyota SUV months after the accident. He provided more for me than I ever had. I wasn't even working.”

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