Celebrity | 29 September 2015 22:44 CET

Child Adoption or IVF: Star Actress Offer Solution to Bareness

Source: Helen Olohunde/Nollywoodgists.com

The issue of child bearing is always the top thing in every woman's mind. If they encounters any difficulties in the process of making babies, it becomes a problem for them. Thereby, running up and down to find solution to it. Of course, the joy of every mother is to bear and carry their own babies.

Popular actress, Omoni Oboli's heart goes out to women who have difficulties in having their own babies. Although, some women don't want babies, but for those that want it and still can't get it makes Omoni's heart aches for them.

The actress advised women on her blog to go for IVF instead of waiting for so long before they gets their own kids. "There's no point waiting for ten years. If getting pregnant through intercourse is not working, by all means try IVF or whatever your doctor advises" she said.

She also advised that if all effort proved abortive, they can then adopt a child and love the child dearly. She's always praying for women that are in such problem as it aches her heart."may He answer everyone aching for a baby speedily and may your joy be full" she prayed.

This words of her will go a long way to soothe the pain of any barren woman that goes on the page

Omoni is really counting down days to October 1st when her new movie 'The First Lady' will be released and shown in cinemas nationwide.

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