Nollywood Media | 29 September 2015 19:21 CET

Nnenna Delivers Set of Twins (Photo)

Source: Helen Olohunde/

Yinka Olukunga Popularly known as Nnena came to limelight through Wale Adenuga Super story and her programme with kids, 'Nnenna and friends'.

Funny enough she has not featured in any home video be it English or Yoruba, she has never gone out of Wale Adenuga Production. Only the super story and her programme, 'Nnenna and Friends'.

She was said to have gotten married to her long time boo in December, 2014 at Lekki, Lagos and just last weekend and she put to bed and produced set of twins..

The actress whose rise to stardom was miraculously is now mother of two.

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