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People Taliking About My Dressing are Uncivilised...Cynthia Morgan

Source: Sandra Nwokocha/

Reggae dance hall artiste, Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, won't cease to stop tongues wagging about her dress sense in the entertainment industry.

After disclosing that she does not mind having a thing for fellow artiste, Burna Boy, the hot singer wore a revealing dress that didn't do much justice in covering her womanly attributes to the club on Friday.

Just recently, after receiving some lashes from some of her fans about her constant revealing outfits, she wrote, "My dress sense is me. That's why I am Cynthia Morgan, you all should go join up real soon just like me and my nose ring legion now.

"So keep your bloodclaat very uncivilized comments already. I can even decide to tie wrapper to the club. So get it straight 'Na me the star girl,' love you all meanwhile, the jacket is a mos-chino."

The singer who revealed her music is a fusion of pop, hip hop, dance hall and rap, isn't just about the music, but the fashion.

We've seen her in some not so regular outfits in time past, but this is one of those that stand out.
It is noted that some Nigerian celebrities rarely confirm they are dating each other if it ever happens, and 'German Juice' crooner joins the league.

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