Nollywood Blogs | 19 September 2015 16:11 CET

I’m Not Ready to Have Kids Again…Iyabo Ojo

It is no longer news that popular Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo, has found new love in a man she has spent about five years with and claims she is enjoying every bit of the union.

She stated that as far as she is concerned, she is married already to him despite the fact they are dating only that they have not made it public but as far as she still cooks for him and his children, she is as good as a wife.

Iyabo further disclosed that her man understands her the way she has always hoped but not in a rush for marriage and when it does come, she will be fine by it but she is currently enjoying every day that goes by in the relationship.

“My lover is also an equally busy person but we always find time for each other. We have been together for about five years and as far as we are concerned, we are married even though we have not made it official yet. There is no much difference between our union and that of married couples. I would say the only difference is that we are not making it public and we have not made it official. If marriage later comes up, I am fine with it and if it does not happen, it is also fine by me.

“I love my life as it is and I am not someone thinking about having kids again and my lover also has kids. My children love him and we complement each other. We love each other; that I am very certain of. If the wedding bells come, fine and if it does not, it is also fine. I am happy and I have a man in my life that makes me happy. I am committed to him the same way he is committed to me. I am not really into marriage because of my last marriage. I have always said that what I want in my life is a man that understands me and makes me happy and I have that already,” she told Punch.

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