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I Want Woman With Big B0obs As Wife—John Agoha

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Rising music star, John Agoha is not an everyday guy. He is a designer, singer, song writer, model and style consultant.

He was at Star Quest 2006 and his group known as SQB was first runner –up. Since then, he has been soaring higher as well smartly combining music with his other businesses. In this interview with, the Imo State-born 'Choco Milo' crooner tells us his crush for women with nice curves.

Can you tell us about your background?

My name is John Agoha. I was born and raised in Benin City; I started singing from the church choir. I was discovered from the church and attended a music school called Benjuck Showbiz Academy. I started music professionally in 2006. The first time I collected money was 2006; N200,000 from a show I did with Star.

Tell us about your journey into music industry?

I started officially from Star Quest. I went for the audition and I was picked out of five thousand people from Benin. From Benin, I came to Lagos, we did contest and I was the first runner-up. After the competition, I went for a contest in South Africa called Music Jamboree; they tell you to send acapella online. I sent mine online, they liked it and I was the only guy that was picked from Nigeria.

I attended that concert and I was the first runner up. A South African girl called Benga won it; the concert was done in East London, Cape Town then Johannesburg. I came to Nigeria and started my music career. I released my first single through Shaka Records titled 'Omalicha'.

The first time I did my first video, the song was on the lips of everybody in the East. It did very well especially in Port Harcourt. After 'Omalicha', I did 'Selense' which was my second video. I recently did a song titled Choco Milo, featuring Dammy Krane. The video was shot by Macmac. The song is so far doing well on radio.

Has anyone tried to discourage you from going into music?

Yes, a lot of them; friends, pastors, and the relationships I had in the past they wanted me to quit.

So you have dumped a girl or girls dumped you because of your music career?

Yes, I have walked away from a relationship because she didn't like what I was doing. She felt I should be in business; get a job in an oil company or work in the bank. She felt she could introduce her man better as someone who is a banker but that is not in my nature.

Which female star in Nigeria is your crush?

I love Tiwa Savage, in terms of vocal power; Omawumi, in terms of soul; then I just love Seyi Shay. If I would want to work with any female artist, then it will be Asa because she has that jazz feel that I love. I'd like to work with Asa. I like her kind of music and I believe that if we pair, it would come out awesome and wonderful.

She would help boost my music career. I do Afro-pop and Asa does Soul. We can fuse. As an artiste, you should be able to fuse into other genres of music.

What are the challenges you are facing right now?

Finance; if you have money, in 90 days, you can be everywhere. In the music industry, you can be household name if you have the money.

Are you single or married?

I am single. I am not seeing anyone currently, but still searching.

What are you looking out for in a woman you want to settle down with?

I like a woman with nice backside and b0obs. Petite woman like Genevieve (Nnaji), I don't get attracted to tall girls. Painfully, I have only seen her (Genevieve) at events and I just said 'hi, and everybody moved on.

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