Interviews | 9 September 2015 20:46 CET

I Always Satisfy My Boyfriend--Budding Actress, Peggy Ovire

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Peggy Ovire, is gradually carving her way into the hearts of movie lovers in Nigeria. Her acting skill was recently noticed and rewarded at the City People Awards in Lagos, where she was named the Most Promising Act.

In this interview, she told how she has been able to remain focus since joining the movie industry.

Has the industry been fair to you?
Yeah, it has been fun as well as stressful, but I don't think anything in life comes easy. I am just enjoying the moments.

You have a 'killing' body structure, do you get sexually harassed?

(Laughs), the truth is this, I will not say I have not been harassed; I think it happens in every sector; bank, office and others. The entertainment industry is not left out, but I think if you set your mind to what you exactly want and you have talent, the sky is wide enough for you to fly.

How do you handle it with such situations occur?

I just say no, simple.
Do you still get the script after rejecting advances?

The truth is if someone rejects you, another person will accept you. That is life and as long as you take life the way it comes with its ups and downs, you will be perfectly fine. For me, I'm doing well.

Does your boyfriend not get jealous with guys trying to have you?

Let's just say because he understands the kind of job I do. I think basically it's just being with someone who understands your career, who knows you are actually working, who supports you. So if you have someone who supports you in everything, then everything is fine. Sometimes, when I am not on set, I spend time with him. We have our time and when I go back to work, it's work.

How often do you make him happy as a man?
(laughter), as often as I can.

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