Beauty | 16 August 2015 09:32 CET

Reason Why Doris Simeon Went into Hair Business

Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, has grown pass her past as she continues to strive hard towards being the best at whatever she does.

Some months back, the actress opened a shop thereby selling human hairs which has been a kind of trend among some actresses but her style of trade seems to be different from others.

According to her, some people feel she opened a shop because others were doing same but that is actually a wrong perception.

She explained that she makes hair as she is a well trained hair dresser. She stated that her mother trained her well and it has become a kind of family trade.

“I know a lot of people don't know that I make hair, they think I just opened the store because others are doing it. I make hair, I was trained by a hairdresser who is my mom and it's like a family trade. I've also had it in mind that when I grow up, I was going to venture into hair styling. It's all about looking good,” she told Newtelegraph.

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