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Man To End 19-Year-Old Marriage Over Wife’s Laziness

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

The once peaceful home of Joe and Rita Ubigho has been turned into a boxing ring and the estranged couple are already at the court seeking for the dissolution of their union.

Emphasizing the reasons for this, the man told Igando Customary Court that his wife is too lazy and has left everything in the house to maids. He said the only solution is for the court to end their marriage to avoid further troubles.

According to the 57 years old Joe, “My wife is very lazy; she has left everything in the house for our maids to do, including cooking.”

He told the court that his wife, Rita, 45, to whom he had a 19-year-old marriage, could not do anything, and usually flared up and disappear from the house whenever she was queried.

He also claimed that due to the problem, he was forced to take their children to a boarding school for proper care.

The petitioner accused his wife of financial recklessness, saying that she could not manage a business outfit he set up for her.

“My wife mismanaged the business I established for her. Her shop is now empty and she keeps demanding for money every time.”

Joe claimed his wife packed out of her matrimonial home four weeks ago and declared that he was no more ready to take her in.

He begged the court to dissolve the union as he was tired of the marriage and no more in love with the wife.

Rebutting the allegations, Rita, a businesswoman, said that it was her husband that chased her away from the house threatening to bathe her with acid if she did not leave.

“My husband threatened to bath me with acid if I refused to leave his house; so, I packed my belongings to stay with a woman whom he knows very well. I pleaded with him to allow me stay in his house, so that I take care of my children.”

She accused her husband of vandalism, saying that he destroyed the car he bought for her.

“My husband damaged the car he bought for me, he stopped me on the road and demanded for the car key and declared that he was no longer interested in giving me the car. I demanded for an explanation and he threatened to burn me with the car if I refused to comply, before I knew what was happening, he started destroying the windscreen.”

The mother of three said that she did not mismanage the business her husband set up for her.

According to her, it was her husband that ordered her to use the money from the business for new shops he was building, promising to pay her back.

However, she promised to take good care of her husband and the children and urged the court not to dissolve the marriage as she was still in love with him.

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