Beauty | 28 July 2015 12:59 CET

How My Friend Organised People To R@pe Me—Serena Joseph

2014/2015 winner of Miss Ambassador for Peace South West Nigeria, Serena Amarachukwu Joseph, has expressed her desire to partner with anti r@pe groups in the country to fight the menace.

According to her, she was a victim of sexual molestation, which was organised by a friend of hers.

Recalling her traumatic ordeal to National Daily, she said, “I had a very though upbringing. Growing up was tough. There was a point I was r@ped by someone.

“Many years ago, it was a sad thing and I won't give details, because I have blocked that part out of my life. It was traumatic and I came out bleeding, bruises all over my hand while trying to escape.

“It was a setup. A friend did that. I will really love to join the Kick Against R@pe or Anti Sexual Violence Campaign, Women Abuse. I really want to join hands with NGOs like that to help stop all these things.”

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