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For The First Time, Foluke Daramola’s Mum Speaks On Daughter’s Rape Saga

No mother will take the news of her daughter being molested with joy. It is no longer news that ace Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako was forcefully slept with some years ago, but what might be news is that she never told her mother about until she also heard it in the news like others.

The mother of the actress, Rev. Aderonke Daramola, told that she was shocked when she read about the incident on the pages of newspaper.

It would be recalled that when Foluke was 16, she was reportedly molested in her father's uncompleted building.

When asked Foluke's mother what she would have done if she knew about the incident back then, she said nothing, but she would have tried to play her role as a good mother. She also spoke with us on other issues. Excerpts;

How did you feel when your daughter was r@ped?

In actual fact, she did not tell me. I just saw it in the newspapers, but she never told me. Maybe she was wondering how I was going to feel because she lost her dad at a very tender age of three. It was not easy at all because we were living in an uncompleted building that the father built before he died. We had terrible experience with tenants even there was a time she was beaten.


Maybe she did not want to break your heart

Yes, you know she said that she had to visit the psychologist. You know many of them like that will not be able to tell anyone, maybe not to frustrate me.

But if she had told you, what would you have done then?

As at that time, I might feel disturbed but by God's grace, you know she is a wonderful child, I would have felt very bad. As at that particular time, I have not got my anointing, I was ordained as a Pastor in 1991, but I would have felt disturbed, maybe God would have given me a message.

Did you remarry after you lost your husband?

No, I did not remarry. I felt bad about the loss and I asked him why he took away my better-half and he told me that he needs me.

How old were you when you lost your husband?

I was 34, in 1981, when I lost my husband.

How have you been able to cope especially without sex?

Ah, I was about to get married to a man of God when I was in the Bible College. Even the Director of the school then was trying to match-make the two of us because he had no wife, but on the long run, it never came to pass. The man suddenly took ill and died, I could have remarried.

Even my mother insisted that I should not get married. She asked who I was going to marry because she was scared. She just told me not to marry because she was scared of what people would say, probably accuse me of deliberately killing her husband.

I was brought up in a way that I don't usually go out. She was there for me during the period and prayed that God helps me cater for my children. I later changed my mind about remarrying.

What is your advice to young ladies, especially widows?

My advice is that if you are a widow and you are still young, if you know you can't hold yourself, you can get married but remain focus to God. If you can hold yourself, fine, but if you can't, just pray for somebody who is going to understand you. Your children should be paramount in your decision. It is not easy, but I think my mother was my Angel because she supported me.

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