Special Report | 22 May 2015 22:11 CET

I’m Scared to Wear my Dead Sister’s Cloths...Kehinde Oshadipe

Since the death of Taiwo Oshadipe who passed away to glory on the 3rd of october 2014, her twin sister, Kehinde, is still under grief that her sister is no more.

Kehinde stated that since her sister died, she has been guiding her property that she herself finds it difficult to touch because she takes permission from her while she was alive before using any of her things.

According to her, “Even up till now, I still don't realize Taiwo is no more. Even as I sit down here now, I still believe Taiwo is around me. I have not been seeing her physically but spiritually, I still see her. It's only that most times I don't like to be emotional about it so that wherever she is, she too would not be emotional about me. As much as she has crossed to the other end, there are some of our friends that had gone, that she had seen now. So, she would try to make friends with those people and try to adapt to that life. That's just the way I see it. I still see her as being very much around. I still see her clothes, I see her handwriting everywhere. I still can't dispose off her shoes, clothes and other wears because I still have this feeling that Taye will still come back and wear all those things.”

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Revealing what she told her sister as last word at the grave side, Kehinde disclosed that she had to make a promise to her that her suffering was not in vain as she would gladly take care of her son she left behind.

“I just told her how much I loved her and I missed her. And that I would try my best, take care of her son. I have considered her son as mine and I will make sure I try my best which I think I am doing already. And I will make sure that the dream we passionately fought for and the hustles would not go in vain,” she told encomium.

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