Special Report | 18 May 2011 21:12 CET

My new wife led me to T.B Joshua

By Bola Dauda
Fashanu and Igwe

Fashanu and Igwe

One thing I bless Abigail for is that she led me to pastor T.B Joshua. Anybody know that if you are introduced into the synagogue, it's a massive blessing. I come from a country where the impossible is impossible (UK). I'm now in a country where the impossible is possible. (Nigeria).

“In Africa, there are 53 countries, I've been to 48 countries, I have met 27 heads of state, I have seen it all. So, people are astounded when I say T.B Joshua inspires me. He is a humble man, and because of what he is able to do, and because he taught me about reconciliation of the family.

“Abigail introduced me and some of my friends to Synagogue about three years ago, when she and I were just acquaintances. T.B Joshua is a great man."

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