Nollywood Media | 8 May 2015 12:22 CET

Steph Nora Shuns Nigerian Media

Nollywood actress, Steph Nora Okere is presently not happy with the way members of the press have always used her own words against her. She stated that this is the reason she took the decision to stay off the media so as not to get into trouble.

Steph Nora disclosed that instead of handling her affairs directly, she has contracted a manager, who now handles her brand. The actress said at the time she feels like, she would start talking to the press.

She said; “I am presently not talking to the press on any issue for now. Because you people have a way of misquoting the things I say.

“I have a manager who presently manages all my affairs. So he is the right person to take up any question concerning me. But when I am ready to talk, I will definitely call everyone,” the actress charming actress told the Nation newspaper.

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