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Film Seller Tears Biodun Okeowo’s Dress In Lagos

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

Top Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo had a rough day with a pirate recently when a pirate of Kunle Afolayan's flick, 'October 1' attacked her on Lagos traffic.

Some days ago, pirates released the movie to the market, which later triggered a protest by some practitioners in the movie industry in Nigeria.

Biodun, narrating her experience in the hands of a pirate in Lagos, explained that she had seized some copies of the pirated films from the seller, but was attacked thereafter.

She disclosed, "I saw a pirated copy of Oct 1st today (last week) and I rolled down to get one….having it in my hold, I asked the guy where he got it from and he said, 'Alaba', I asked 'Where in Alaba, from who?' He said 'You wan buy or not' and I told him that he is a thief, that I will get him arrested. Click:Fresh Plot to Kill President Jonathan,David Mark Uncovered...Egberipapa, three others arrested
"Before I could say 'Jack', he held my cloth and struggled to get the film back. I quickly threw it at the back seat and my driver rolled up."

She further revealed that in the scuffle, her dress was torn by the film hawker.

"We pulled over after I realized he tore my dress when he struggled with me but on seeing me alight from the car, he scampered," she said.

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