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I Want Sexual Harassment Eradicated In Nollywood—Bimbo Ademoye

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Bimbo Ademoye is a beautiful up and coming actress, who is set to take the industry by storm. Her beauty, intelligence and acting skills are her weapons, which she is armed with and ready to take her rightful place in Nollywood.

She recently played 'Aproko' in a new television series titled '+234' and also spoke with on are aspirations.

How easy was it for you to pull up your character in the '+234'?
Well, it would be ok if I say every girl gossips. So, it is left for you to channel that and bring it out of you. Every single lady has the spirit of poke nosing and eavesdropping.

How did you come about the script?
I got the script from Soji Ogunnaike, the director of the series, which was written by Lani Aisida. In the character bible, I saw that 'Aisha' is perceived to be blond and everyone knows that blond people are quite different. She does not really care; all she cares about is fashion and I am like 'fabulous', what lady does not care about fashion? What lady cannot act so stupid and dumb? When I got that and I saw it, I was like "Yeah, I can do this." and I am grateful that I made that decision.

What challenges did you face?
It was not challenging at all. Every lady likes to do 'aproko', every lady likes to wear colours, every lady likes to sit down and do her makeup and gets paid for that. So trust me, it was not hard at all. It was really good.

Was that your first time on the screen?
No, not at all. I actually featured in a couple of movies; I won most outstanding actress at the Abuja Film Festival for 'Where Talent Lies' movie, a movie written and directed by Eva George. I have also featured in a series called 'Issues' and I have done a couple of short films and skits. But I would say this movie (+234) is by far, my best.

What would you be doing in the next five years?
By the special grace of God, I hope to be Nigeria's sweetheart and be on the lips of everybody when it comes to movies and delivering fiction very well.

What improvements do you desire in Nollywood?
Well, I would like for the government to support us more, like sponsor projects. People who actually want to be producers, directors should be supported. It does not have to be the commissioner for entertainment of something that has to be involved all the time. The government should get more involved because the news items on air are not usually interesting. Movies to relax and lighten up ourselves after a very long day at work. It would be really good to see that in the entertainment aspect.

Two things you would personal want to change about Nollywood?
One is this, I really do not know what to call it but I would say there is no more room from people that are already made in the industry to give for new people to come in. There are enough room actually, as Nollywood is not a building. There are those who want to be super mega stars and everybody is working hard to be bigger but let us try to explore other unknown faces.

For instance, if a director is writing a script, he thinks, 'Genevieve (no disrespect to her) will play this role because she is Genevieve.' How about we start to try someone new, somebody who people have not seen. Movies sell because of Genevieve but how would you if the movie would not sell more because of another person other than Genevieve? She started from somewhere too. I would want that to change.

Another thing is that vice which I have not really been a victim but the whole harassment thing of you have to be with a director or producer to get a movie role. I would want that not to be changed but be scrapped out.

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