Nollywood Q&A | 9 April 2015 09:39 CET

Why I Avoid Scandals In Nollywood--Uru Eke

Nollywood actress, Uru Eke, says quitting her lucrative ICT job for acting has been the most dangerous risk she has ever taken.

The actress explained that was into ICT for a long time, but needed to do something different and challenging and went into acting. She further explained that adjusting into the new lifestyle was initially tough, but with time, she was used to it.

She also noted at a point, that while getting use to her new job, she felt like returning to her former job because she was not getting up to what she earned while in ICT.

Uru told Daily Trust that she has been able to live a scandal free life because she keeps some certain things to herself.

“I think it's mainly because I particularly do not like drama. I don't have the head for it. I say my piece and just walk away. I won't linger or stay there.

"Also, I mind my own business. If it doesn't concern me, I don't poke my nose into it. I'm very private. Whatever I'm doing, I keep myself to my immediate family. I don't tell people anything I don't want them to know. Whatever you know about me is something I have told you,” she said.

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