Wazobia Nollywood | 28 March 2015 09:10 CET

I Give Women Double Dose When They Make Advances to me...Kollington Ayinla

One of Nigeria's living Fuji mystro, Ayinla Kollington, is so thankful to God that he did not regret leaving the Nigerian Army when he did due to not meeting up with the some requirements.

The legend in an interview recently, said he doubt if he would have been this successful if he was still in the army and guessed that he would have still remained as a security guard and would have not grown in rank.

“I did not have the necessary qualifications to rise above certain ranks. If I had remained in the army, I probably would have continued to be a gate man. That is why I am thankful to God that I made the decision to leave,” Punch quoted him.

About his love for women, the singer confessed that even at his age, women still run after him and being a man who is still active, he accepts them the way they come and pleases them the way they want.

According to him, “Up until now, women still chase me. I am a man. Of course, I indulge them when they are making such advances at me and if they give me a chance, I would do times two of what they are asking for.”

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