Commics News | 12 March 2015 07:20 CET

Okey Bakkasi Opens New Laundry Office In Lagos

Have you wonder why comedian and Nollywood actor, Okey Bakassi has not been seen frequently on the screens like before? Well, one of the reasons has been unfolded.

What we learnt is that Okey Bakkasi has been busy trying to expand his businesses. As some Lagosians will say, 'Ona kan o w'oja', loosely translated to mean 'a market does not have only one way to it'.

The actor, who has delved into laundry business, recently opened a new office of his laundry outfit in Ikeja area of Lagos State.

Okey Bakkasi has always attributed his source of wealth and inspiration to his wife, Zizi, who he got married to more than a decade ago.

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