Nollywood Blogs | 6 March 2015 07:27 CET

I Am Not Out to Hurt any Artiste but to Help Them...Charles Novia

Nollywood filmmaker and director, Charles Novia known for his controversial articles says he does that not for self credit but to help create a positive mindset for the Nigerian entertainers.

According to the movie producer, it is important for everyone to have one voice that will help cub the excesses of some of the entertainers.

In his words, “Well I think in the collective scheme of things in the industry, we need to have sane voices that will reign in the excesses of some artistes, I do not take the credit that am one but I also know that according to tradition what I do is a post mortem of artistes excesses.”

Speaking with hiptv, the producer urged artiste to learn to take constructive criticisms as well as check their excesses and move on.

He added that there is nothing personal about his critique as he is just being objective which apparently what people don't understand.

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