Rumors & Gossips | 17 January 2015 07:41 CET

Most Actors Lavish Money On Unreasonable Item Which Can't Take Them To Heaven ------- Toyin Aimakhu- Johnson

Source: Ayodeji Ake/

Being a pastor is God 's calling no matter how fast you are, you can't runaway from it. Jonah in the Bible was called by God to run an errand, he claimed to be wise by running away but God made him to be swallowed by a big fish till he repented.

Talking of actresses in the Nigerian movie industry, Toyin Aimahu- Johnson is not left out as the screen diva has bagged several awards through her carrier which has spam over a long period.

Toyin while speaking in an interview with TW magazine condemned actors who are fake. According to her, most actors lavish money on unreasonable item which can't take them to heaven. But for her, she sees no reason why she should spend more money on unreasonable items because she is contended with what she has.

The beautiful light skin actress, reveals she is from a family who are very prayerful and thought her the way of God disclosing that she would have been a physiotherapist or a pastor if she had not been in the movie industry.

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