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Mixed Reaction Trails AFRIMA Maiden Edition

Source: Linda Ogudo/

Although the African Music Awards (AFRIMA) has come and gone with its frenzies, the memories of the night still lingers as lots of mixed reactions trail the main edition of the PAN-African award.

It was a gathering of celebrities at Oriental Hotels, Victoria Island as lots of stars from represented their diverse countries took out time to grace the occasion. spoke to some of the attendee during the course of the event and they voiced out their own perception.

"Its quite unfortunate that we can't get it right the first time but there is always room for improvement. we hope they take note and use this as a specimen / test run to correct succeeding edition," a visibly disappointed guest said.

For another top attendee, AFRIMA didn't meet up with expectation compared to the media hype its received.

"The award is too boring for an African award and its suppose to showcase the best of Africa."

Even On Air Personality, Yaw, who was one of the early comers wasn't left out.

Yaw did say he expected something good from the event and hope that they did a great job.

However, large portion of the audience expressed displeasure stating that they were disappointed, and encouraging the organisers to work hard next time to deliver more as Nigeria is too great a nation to produce anything below expectation.

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